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general questions


How much are the meals?

Most meals run between $7-$10 depending on the meal.  We try to keep our prices as affordable and competitive as possible.

If I forget my order and do not pick it up, can I get a refund?

No.  All sales are final. We will call you and send you an email to remind you of your order being ready. Pick up is your responsibility.

How long will they last in my fridge?

Meals last five full days in a cold fridge below 41F.

Can I freeze my meals?

Yes! Meals are freezer safe up to 30 days.

Do you use organic produce?

Yes! We do use organic produce. However, some seasonal items are unavailable for short periods of time.

Do you use hormone-free and free-range proteins?

We absolutely do! We believe the product tastes better and is better for you!

Do you locally source your ingredients?

yes, we work with local farms and get the freshest ingredients available in the Central Valley.

What seasonings do you use?

We only use SALT FREE seasonings. Such as, Mrs. Dash® and McCormick® signature blends with no salt or preservatives added. We use only fresh herbs and spices in ALL our meals.

Are your pancakes Gluten Free?

NO Unfortunately they are not gluten free


Delivery Questions


How are meals delivered?

First, meals are packed in our microwavable and freezable containers, then placed in a handled bag. Then, we deliver all orders in insulated bags to insure your meals are cold when they get there.

Can meals be left at my doorstep?

No. We deliver in insulated bags and hand-deliver them to ensure quality control. Please be home to refrigerate

How far will you travel to deliver?

We will deliver meals in a 30 mile radius from Modesto, CA. This includes most of the Central Valley. 

Delivery is a flat rate of 10$

 Any other questions?

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